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Hi, I’m Nic.

I have two wolves. Their mom is an Arctic Wolf, their dad is a dopey Siberian Husky.

The Gray Wolf is a story told to me by Grandmaster, Mike Leone. It has influenced much of my work - including The Wolf Den, The Guardian Academy and how I go about growing my businesses.

Since I started training with Grandmaster Mike I’ve been the path to mastering thirteen different handheld weapons and three firearms while learning how to move, breathe and maintain balance. Chinese medicine and acupuncture are next.

So yea, I have a Grandmaster. He’s a maniac and I love it.

We are in the middle of writing a book called The Gray Wolf. I am using this substack to organize ideas and share the rough drafts of the writing(s) - along with video, audio and commentary as it comes up.

It will not be polished, but I hope you find it useful.

You can find my main stuff here.

Here’s a little about the other main characters:

Grand Master Mike Leone

Master Instructor Michael Leone has over 34 years of martial and healing art experience. He is the Head Medical Chi Gong Director of the Zen Wellness organization. He owns and licenses Martial Arts, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers, and is author of the highly acclaimed book “Zen Wellness Self-Care Solutions”, along with numerous DVDs on Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. 

Master Instructor Leone is a registered 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor with the United Martial Arts Association of America and is recognized by the National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi Federation. He has been teaching the Eastern arts full time for over 23 years and has trained over 1000 black belts and instructors. He began martial arts training as a teenager in 1977. It was at that time he began to see the healing aspects of Qigong, Bagua, Tai Chi and the internal disciplines that cultivate greater energy flow in the body. He witnessed students of all ages experience what seemed like miraculous healing of back, knee, and neck injuries, and many other ailments. His entire life has devoted to studying and teaching martial, medical and spiritual Qigong ever since. 

Master Instructor Michael Leone has trained with many Masters and Grandmasters of many different disciplines and continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and travels throughout the world conducting trainings and certifications for instructors.

You can get to know him in the video below.

Master Jason Campbell

After having a profound healing experience as a teenager through Qigong, meditation and kung fu, Master Campbell made the decision to commit his life to the study of self-cultivation through the eastern health and spiritual arts. 

Master Instructor Jason Campbell is currently a 7th degree black belt registered with the United Martial Arts Association of America and recognized by The National Qigong Association, Yoga Alliance and The International Doh Yi. He has trained with many masters and grandmasters of many different disciplines. He has been teaching full time for over 20 years, and currently owns and licenses Kung Fu, Zen Yoga and Zen Wellness Centers. He has trained and certified thousands of students and instructors. Master Campbell has also worked with and consulted hundreds of studios in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia teaching entrepreneurial skills to the owners and independent teachers. He is the author of numerous books, manuals, CD’s and DVD’s teaching Zen Yoga, Kung Fu, Qigong and entrepreneurial skills to studio owners and independent practitioners including the highly acclaimed “Official Yoga Business Success Guide” and “Creating Abundance in Your Spiritual Business.” 

He continues his training and teaching in the Phoenix area and conducts international Qigong instructor certifications and Zen Business Bootcamps for spiritual entrepreneurs. He balances his teachings and businesses with his own personal cultivation and time spent with his kids, Jake and Mary.

The Journey

  1. The Gray Wolf: Understanding and Mastering Self

  2. The Nature of Reality:

    1. The Five Phases of Ying Yang

    2. Five Element Theory

      1. Martial arts

      2. Medicine

    3. The Movement of Energy (Chi)

Where Should I Start?

I would start at the directory here.

Each chapter will have the core concepts for the chapter, along with Audio and Video from Grandmaster Mike.

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